How to get to level 55 in COD4 on PC platform

  This is a cheat I found that can instantly give you level 55 in COD4. However, I am NOT gonna post it up on Internet. I HIGHLY DON't recommand cheats in a game like this, or else it will make it less fun. You only ask me for this cheat through out email IF you have accidentlly deleted your level 55 profile and don't want to start by level 1 again. So don't lie to me, use your honor system. If you accidentlly deleted your profile, or reinstalled the game, I will give you this cheat.


  Please send me an email if you want this cheat, please don't lie to me.


  It will be in an PDF format, so download Adobe Reader first in the site below if you don't have one:


 Here is a file you need in order to enable the cheat.