Gaming Clan

  This page's discusstions are not only about CoD4, it's about all the video games out there.

   In a game like CoD4, you'll find hard times when you are playing with strangers, and that will also slow down your speed for leveling up. So for me, have a clan to practice with is better. You see, you've got friends, you have a team, and most of time, clans are for fun. You have bunch of teammates that can help each other, and you will also have chances in clan vs clan fights. It's really awsome.

   For the most of times, a clan will have it's own servers, and you have nice admin cuz he's one of your friends. So if someone is cheating or making you mad, you can tell the admin to kick or ban him. So ir's pretty cool  to an admin as one of you friends, that's one of the reasons that why should you join a clan.

  So if you don't have a clan, you should join one if you really want to be a good player.

My clans

  Not to mention it but once you've joiined a clan, you are not suppose to betry it or join another clan. However, I think it's okay to join 2 clans if their major game is different.

  My COD4 clan: Hell's Elite X-ecutioners (or HEX),

  My TF2 clan : The Legion


  This clan is currently recruiting, so I need tell you that if you don't have a cod4, or battefield 2, or battlefield 2142, please join this clan.

  The founder's name is TripUnder, one of the original founder of the old clan, HEL. You might heard of it since it was a pretty strong team. However, it got cleaned up and closed for awhile now. So the new HEX was born.

Other clans

  There are tons of clans out there and it's all up to you which one you should join. Here are some clans I know or my friends' clans.

   The Legion http://www.the-legion,net



   The Silent Death