Console Commands in CoD4

  Console is a really big part of cod4 cuz you can control everything there. Some commands will even help in-game plays and make you better. Below is a list of commands I know so far for clients and servers, hope it helps you guys!

  P.S type \ before every command or else it won't work

How to enable console

  For most clients, the console is diabled from gaming. All you have to do is goto "Options" - "Multiplayer Options" and change the "Enable Console" to "yes".

  Then, at any time, you can just hit on the ~ key to open console or shift + ~ to open the full console, it really has no differences.

Clients Commands

  The commands below made me better in game and helped me had a better view of everything, you should give those a try!

  com_maxfps 125  

  This is REALLY important cuz the higher the fps is, the more smoother it is in game, but just beware that even this setting can go up to 1000, however, it also depends on how good your computer is, so be careful with it.

  cg_fov 80

  Field of view (fov) is basicily how wide you see. The higher it is, the wider you will see. It is a huge advantage for people didn't use this. However, this will make everything, your enemy, bombs, and other stuff look smaller. So still, careful with it.The defult was 60 and the max is 80, it's up to you really.

  r_drawdecals 1

  1 is on, 0 is off. It will clean up the random trashes, papers, ashes and those stuff in the map, it will bring you a fps boost! However, some servers want you have bad fps so it will be turned off when you enter those servers.

  maxpackets 100

  This is for people who have good fps but bad hit registrations. Defult is 30, and you should increase it to 100 if your fps is 125.

  snaps 30

  This command tells the game how many time it update the position of a player, bullets, ect per sec. Defult is 20, 30 will make game smoother.

  r_drawsun 0

  Turn off those stupid effects to save few fps for you. 1 is on, 0 is off.

  cg_brass 0

  Turn off shell ejection. Not have to render them would save you a few fps. 1 is on, 0 is off.

Server Commands

banClient <client> Bans by client number.

banUser <name> Bans by client name.

bind <key> <command>;<command> Binds command(s) to a key. +/-

bindlist Lists all binds.

centerview Centers you view to straight forward.

clear Clears the console window.

clientinfo Lists client information.

clientkick <client> Kicks a client by client number.

cmdlist Lists all CoD commands.

* condump <file> Dumps the console to a file.

configstrings Lists configuration strings.

connect <ip> Connects to a server by IP address.

cubemapShot <size> <filename> [water r g b r g b] [fesnel n n] Creates a panorama screenshot and saves it to <filename>.tga. Size must be greater than 2 and less than 1024.

cvar_restart Resets all cvars to defaults.

cvardump Lists all CoD cvars.

cvarlist Lists all CoD cvars with attributes.

demo <demo> Plays the demo file.

dir <directory> [extension] Lists files in <directory> of type [extension].

disconnect Disconnect from server.

dumpuser <user> Lists user information.

echo <string> Echoes a string to the console.

exec <config> Executes a config file.

fdir <file> Lists files in current directory using a filter, ie. *b*.pk would list all .pk files with a “b” in the name.

fs_openedList Lists opened .pk files.

fs_referencedList Lists referenced .pk files.

fullpath Shows the path of all the loaded .pk files.

gameCompleteStatus Sends game complete status to master server.

gfxinfo Lists graphics information.

imagelist Lists all images used.

kick <player> Kicks a player. Use “all” to kick all players.

killserver Kills the server.

localservers Lists local servers.

map <map> Sets the map to <map>.

map_restart Restarts the map.

map_rotate Rotates to the next map in the rotation.

meminfo Lists game memory information.

net_dumpprofile Dumps network profile info.

net_restart Restarts networking socket.

password <password> Sets the password used to log into a server.

path Shows the path of all the loaded .pk files.

quit Quits the game.

raisestance Raises the player’s stance.

rcon <remote> Executes <remote> on the server if rconpassword has been set correctly.

rconaddress <IP> Sets the IP address for rcon commands. Can be used to admin a server you aren’t connected to.

rconpassword <password> Sets the password used fro rcon commands.

reconnect Reconnects to last server connected to.

record [file name] Starts recording a demo to <file>

reset <cvar> Sets a cvar to .

say <string> Broadcast string to spectators.

say_team <string> Broadcast string to teammates.

screenshot Takes a screenshot and saves it as a .tga file.

screenshotJPEG Takes a screenshot and saves it as a .jpg file. You can also press F12.

serverinfo Provides subset of info from serverstatus command.

serverstatus Provides same server info you get from Server Info button on Join menu.

seta cg_drawFPS "1" show the framerate at the top of the screen

seta com_maxfps "0" limits your fps (frames per second) on (1) or off (0) to have unlimited

seta con_minicon "0" shows mini console, just like in MoH (1 for on and 0 for off)

seta con_miniconlines "5" adjusts the location of the small console

seta con_minicontime the "4" adjusts time to do with the miniconsole

set <cvar> <value> Sets a cvar which only remains for this session.

seta <cvar> <value> Sets a cvar which is saved to config_mp.cfg.

setfromcvar <cvar> <cvar> Sets the value of <cvar> to the value of <cvar>.

setRecommended Sets to Optimal System Settings, as from Options menu.

showip Shows your IP.

startSingleplayer Switches to single-player mode.

status Displays info about server including player names, numbers, and IP’s.

stoprecord Stops recording a demo.

stringUsage Displays string usage space.

systeminfo Shows system information.

toggle <cvar> Toggles a cvar on/off

toggleconsole Toggles the console on/off.

unbind <key> Removes a key bind.

unbindall Removes all key binds.

vstr <string> Executes a variable string.

writeconfig <file> Writes your current configuration to <file>.