First of all, thank you for visiting my site of Call of Duty 4 tips and tricks. No matter you are a starter on COD4 want find out how to level up fast, or an experienced player who wants have more fun out of COD4, this site will give you some useful informations that will help you out.

 From all the tips and hints in this site, I promise you that these are all true. just try them, it will definitely change your experience at COD4, so now let's get started. By the way, this is only a site made for COD4 Multiplayer, if you want Single Player tips, please visit my "SP Video Walkthrough" section


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What is Call of Duty 4?

  Well, Call of Duty 4 (as COD4) is an FPS game, that's very obvious. Instead of following the World War 2 topic, COD4 changed it's name to "Modern Warfare", which the background is depends on modern battles. CoD4 is really about the multilayer, many people are dissatisfied by the campaign mode because first, it's too easy, second, it's not long and interesting enough. So here my site is mainly talking about MP

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