Single Player Video Walkthrough

  Well, after all the times I play COD4, I think it's time to make video tutorails about it. This idea come from my old media creating group, so hope you enjoy it!

  Sorry for my microphone, I apologize for that. I can't adjust my mic volume to a right degree that just will work fine. Just DO NOT turn your volume up high while you are watching, the background explanitions I made sometimes sounds wierd with stupid noises.

   The videos are captured with Fraps and been edited and both compressed by Windows Movie Maker. Make sure you play it with Windows Media Player, if the screen comes out all black, then try it again. The Intel 4.3 Codec is not really good, just keep trying open it until you see the video.

   Thanks!  ;)


  The first video is all about the Prologue, first 3 stages in COD4. It's meanly teaching you how to play this game and all the credits and how the graphic is good in COD4 and so for it.