Common Tips:

Stay Moving

   As I said, in COD4, everything is about speed. You don't ever want to move slowly or just stand where you at during a gun fight. Most important? Do NOT ever stay at one place, move around, even snipers. This is easy: You move, you survive. You stay? You die.

Be Unpredictable

   COD4 is not about putting bullets all over the map, it's all about out smart your enemy and your opponents. Try to do the exact opposite way of what your enemy is thinking. Plus try to be unpredictable. Don't ever give your enemy a clue about what you gonna do next.

Spy Technology

  Use the Mini Map!!!  The map on your upper right-hand corner shows where your teammates are at. If your enemy fired without a silencer or/and using "UAV Jammer" perk, they will show a red dot on that map. Try to go around the map and using their blind sides to cut to thier backs, shoot them from behind. Ever played Team Fortress 2 before? Well, if you did, try to do the spy techniques in COD4, too. Trust me, it will be a big advantage if your enemy can't see you and you just start killing without getting a revenge.

Ears man

  Use your eyes AND ears!! If you are a sniper or a camper, maybe what you can see is not all the dangers that are near you. Players make sound when they are moving. You can hear them through the walls, so prepare for it before any of you can see each other!

Reflecting Objects

  Use walls and windows and door ways and every single object in COD4!When you throw a grenade, stun or flashbang, hit the walls so it can go in another direction! Most people forget about this when they're playing!

Know the map

   Get use to the maps! If you are a noob, try to start a server by your own and discover the map first! Find out secret places, different routes and the range of the weapon you gonna need in a certain map! You don't start with a short-range weapon in the map Bloc since that's the perfect place for snipe. You don't start with a sniper rifle in the map Shipment cuz that map is almost like a knife battle. So chose your weapons and perks right before you start a certain map.